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Thursday, 15 November 2007

15/11/07 43.1kgs


Liza said...

Wow, you look fantastic!

xx Miss_Liza

Linda said...

What an amazing achievement, well done!

yodaobi said...

What an inspiration you are!
You must be so prouds of yourself!

Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

Look at your cute, tiny face now. Looking good Shaz!!! I love it here in the 70's, but I think I've gotten abit tooo comfortable and am trying to step up the pace to get down into the 60's. Watching your success each week, while I might have gone backwards, certainly encourages me to get my ar*e into gear. If you can do it then I know I CAN too. We are nearly the same weight now, we could be twins, lol. And I know what you mean about accepting compliments, it always makes me feel abit uncomfortable, but now I just say "thank you". Though I can't help but point out my trouble spots and that I've still got away to go yet. I really should break that habit. Anyway, congrats again. Trace. xx

Jass said...

When do the bikini pics start ??

You look amazing my friend ..

Jass said...

When do the bikini pics start ??

You look amazing my friend ..

Noonie12 said...

How great you must be feeling.
I am truly inspired and know that if I ever need inspiration I can always chat to you.
Even though I only have a small amount to loose I always seem to sabotage myself and think that I can never do it. Not anymore. With people like yourself and WWcore I know I will achieve.
Noonie xx